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2 Min Demo: AUM Planning in CCH Tagetik

Tagetik uses built in engines and analytic tools to allow you to develop and deploy your AUM plan, and then provides you with rich analytics tools for reviewing the plan.
2 Min Demo - AUM Planning in CCH Tagetik
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Planning for assets under management using CCH Tagetik.

CCH Tagetik can be configured to assist in the accurate planning of any line of business.

Today we're going to be looking at planning forassets under management, using a highly interactive environment, uniquely suited for such planning.

Let's start by opening it up on our web interface and I'm going to select planning for this particular group of products.CCH Tagetik is uniquely suited for this planning because it's built to think like a professional from the office of Finance.

It can be set up to allow drivers to update partor all of your plan quickly and accurately using any of our built-in accounting engines or, if needed, scripting such as MDX.

Here I set mybasis points and commission rates and then I'm going to be able to plan out using the starting balances and then the movement accounts, to then derive my ending balances for the course of the year.

I'm updating my deposits investment performance and withdrawals, and it's interactive so for example,as I go ahead and change this my opening and closing balances will change for the remainder of the year.

Additionally, over here we have KPIs.

These can allow us to reviewour results.

They can also be used in planning.

For example I'm going to use spreading to update my year-over-year increase in assets under management to 200,000.Furthermore it's also interactive with the graphs.

Here for example if I remove my assets under management initial balances, I can see where the deposits and investment performances are going to be impacting on my plan.

Now I simply press saveand upon completion, the system will provide me with the results and I can immediately begin to drill into these results to see details; for example what is the breakout ofour revenue fees by the various product groups.

And once there I can ask even further, what is the breakout by the individual products planned under that group.So you can plan a review at any level of detail, if you wish.

I can plan and review the same report here in Excel.

But I canask additional questions.

For example what was the formula that was used to derive my revenue fees.

And by simply selectingthe calculation details, CCH Tagetik will present me with a formula breakout report that will allow me to drill in and review and see that I'm taking my endingbalances times the basis points, times the weighted number of days in the month for the year divided by 10,000 to then derive my revenue fees.So as you can see, CCH Tagetik can provide you with a highly interactive and configurable environment, well suited for accurately planning your assets under management.
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