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CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach - Preparation, Compilation and Review Training

Online or In-person

An introduction to how this dynamic workflow engine streamlines the engagement process with the most up-to-date content and guidance from the Knowledge-Based Preparation, Compilation and Review approach and Accounting Research Manager.

Type: Single-Client Training and Multi-Client Training
Who Should Attend: New CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach users who only perform preparations, compilations and/or reviews
Advanced Preparation: None
Prerequisites Required: None
Field of study: Accounting
Program/Course Level: Basic


  • Recognize the information flow between forms
  • Identify key workpapers that impact a Knowledge-Based Preparation, Compilation and Review
  • Use the approach to make your engagements more efficient
  • Employ basic functionality to implement the approach
  • Use all of these tools to make the approach your own
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