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CCH Axcess Document - Best Practices Consulting

Online or in-person

CCH Axcess™ Document (Document) is a Document Management System (DMS) that will replace some or, in many cases, all of the firm’s current electronic file structure. Implementing a dynamic DMS and developing a workflow designed to move the firm towards a paperless (or less paper) office will improve overall efficiency.

Type: Single client training
Advanced preparation: None
Prerequisites required: Yes
Prerequisites: CCH Axcess Document Setup Training
Field of study: Computer software & applications
Program/Course Level: Basic


  • Understand managing and working with files in Document.
  • Create a file migration and location plan to address your existing electronic information.
  • Develop a scan workflow for paper documents.
  • Maximize integration with other paper documents.
  • Understand all file properties and setup a class/subclass list.
  • Configure firm-wide settings, defaults, lists and user options.
CCH Axcess Document - Best Practices Consulting
Online or in-person
CPE credits: 2,8
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