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The legal department as a business enabling function

How legal departments can mitigate risks, safeguard the organisation & enable business success
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The legal department has a pivotal role in mitigating risks and ensuring that their business is protected from a lawsuit. In an increasingly regulatory, complex environment, managing risks can be a challenge.

To overcome this challenge, the general counsel and the team will seek to accurately identify, evaluate, monitor, manage and mitigate risks across the business. This means, having to get involved in every aspect of the business that involves a legal obligation.

Whether it is Sales trying to make a deal or HR drafting an employment contract, the legal department will find itself in the middle of every business activity, to be able to protect the business from any mishandling. For the legal department that is trying to steer away from the idea of hindering business growth, it might be best not to get their finger in every pie.

So the golden question is, how can the legal department strike the right balance between protecting the business and its assets and enabling business endeavours?

In this whitepaper, we look at 4 ways legal departments can empower the business to make well-informed decisions and enable growth while proactively mitigating risks.
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