Purpose-built for audit

Audit management and workflow software is an important investment. Getting your teams up and running quickly and operating effectively is a critical component of success. We offer options for both implementation and configuration aligned with your current workflow or to take advantage of where you wish to enhance or streamline your workflow. We’ll engage with you to optimize based on where you are today and where you’d like to be tomorrow.

Risk-focused planning and execution

Risk is part of every business. TeamMate+ offers capabilities for Annual Planning to Audit Planning. Continuous Risk Assessments allow you to configure attributes and ratings. Use the scoring and tracking of risk over time (from the beginning to the end of an audit, or from the same audit year over year) to inform and prioritize resourcing and execution.

Data-driven insights

Use analytics across the audit process, from risk assessment to reporting, and for all audits for greater risk oversight and uncover hidden issues previously unavailable.

Stakeholder engagement

Make better tactical decisions while improving collaboration with the business to align each department with organizational objectives and inform strategic decisions.

Open ecosystem (APIs)

Integration with critical systems and data allows auditors to provide the greatest level of assurance. TeamMate+ is designed to support input/output with such data. Whether through the use of APIs or compatibility with tools like Power BI, the internal audit team can be central to assessing organizational risk.

Infrastructure compatibility

TeamMate gives you cloud-hosted options, including TeamCloud and FedRAMP options. With data centers strategically placed around the globe to ensure optimal performance. We provide on-premise options for those organizations that require it with support centers around the world for regional access.

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