Benefits of Finance Transformation

Improve balance sheet management
Forecast balances, margin and contributions for loans, deposits and all earning products. Understand cash flow and performance impacts of different business, interest rate and risk scenarios.

Speed up financial close
Manage complex requirements and satisfy regulatory constraints in an automated financial closing and consolidation process whether your bank operates locally or globally.

Forecast accurately
Exploit advanced analytics for scenario planning including exogenous variables (such as pricing mix and rates) that can affect product and business line performance.

Stay compliant
Streamline your automated Finance and Regulatory reporting process. Ensure full accounting and regulatory compliance with disclosures that are auditable and accurate.

Maximize profitability
Calculate key performance metrics at the speed of business to support better decisions. Track the contribution, including net interest margin of each instrument’s interest rate, maturity, and payment stream.

Managing challenges

By implementing Finance Transformation solutions you’ll have the opportunity to achieve higher ROA, ROE, RORAC and EPS, but there are challenges to manage in your journey. Wolters Kluwer OneSumX FRR has the expertise to help you overcome these challenges.

Inaccurate balance sheet projections Difficulty creating realistic projections on loan and deposit portfolios, and to connect the lines of business and geographical owners.
Difficulty driving Net Interest Margins To achieve balances, pricing can suffer. Develop plans that understand and incorporate the dynamic impact of interest rates, pricing spreads and product mixes.
Lack of transparency This impairs performance. Planning at too high a level, with insufficient detail, discourages accountability. High Level Analysis, what-if comparison, scenario modeling makes it hard to define the right actions to achieve ownership and transparency.
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Finance Video
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5 OneSumX for Finance capabilities

Want to learn more about how our OneSumX for Finance solution can help with Finance Transformation? This video features an overview of how the user-friendly solution works: from Lifecycle Accounting accessibility that is multi-GAAP compliant for all your Financial Instruments, to General Ledger to data linked reporting and reconciliation by design.

OneSumX for Finance delivers the ultimate user experience for all your financial obligations: compliance, workflow, audit requirements and control, all in one integrated solution suite.

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