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Optimising the Legal Function through Maturity Assessment

Explore insights on optimising legal departments in today's dynamic business landscape in this webinar.
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Transforming legal departments: using models to gauge maturity and drive change

Efficiency is vital for legal departments in today's fast-paced business environment, involving operational tasks and navigating a complex legal landscape. However, 94% struggle to assess legal function maturity due to a lack of structured data, hindering the identification of optimization areas.

With over two decades of legal leadership experience, Alan Ragueneau offers a unique methodology for an efficient legal operating model, incorporating Gen-AI digital transformation. Watch the webinar to learn how legal departments can assess maturity and drive positive change:

What you will learn:

  • The importance of structured data for optimisation.
  • Transform your legal position from a cost center to a strategic partner.
  • Embrace Alternative Legal Service Providers for better outcomes.
  • Overcome budget constraints and lack of expertise.
  • Develop a Gen-AI strategy for future-proofing your legal department.
Our Speakers
Alan Ragueneau
Alan Ragueneau

"Entrepreneur, ex Chief Legal Officer and Board Member of Multi-Billion Global Businesses Managing Director Dentons In-House Solutions Europe"

Grégoire Miot
Gregoire Miot

Global Business Enablement & Product Management Director at Wolters Kluwer Legal Software

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