Dealing with greater complexity

Within the Legal Department, the need to be prepared for any corporate legal occurrence is more present than ever before and this reality of urgency cannot be ignored. Increased inspection from governments and law-makers, across global boundaries, coupled with an increasing need for transparency, results in more complex task types and even more effort for Legal Departments. 



Increasing need to be prepared to deal with unexpected external influences, change or risk


Increasingly personal liability of company officers and directors


Ensure business continuity while assuring transparency and audit

Be prepared for tomorrow, today

From a full company perspective, legal departments are expected to deal with unexpected internal or externally-driven situations, without disrupting business, and to be prepared to act immediately with decisive effectiveness. Whether it is geo-political and resulting economic instability, greater personal liability of company officers, investigations into tax or historic share-trading, or the rising threat of cyber-attacks, the risks are real. Having a solution that allows our team to deal with the day-to-day tasks with confidence, but also stay confident and maintain best-in-class service in any unexpected occurrence, is more crucial than ever before.  


All data at your fingertips in one place


Empowered to protect the business from changes, now and in the future


Step up to be trusted advisor able to provide strategic counsel


Mitigate risk and prepare for change with Legisway

  • Accurate overviews of obligations and risk exposure prepares you to act proactively and decisively in the face of crisis or change.
  • Class-leading security options to assure confidentiality at all times 
  • Easy to use dashboards provide straightforward and clear display of information 
  • Seamless integration with third party functionality, such as instant messenger chat and e-signatures to optimise workflow
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