Focusing on single tasks is no longer enough 

The level of Corporate Legal Department’s work is increasing in multiple dimensions. The tasks are getting more integrated and cross-functional, and at the same time they require higher level of transparency and monitoring to assure the quality of results. This means, we cannot consider any task unrelated or disconnected to others, and it makes it even more difficult to manage all the tasks when we don’t know what’s correlation. 



Not finding information in a timely manner


Inability to provide accurate reports to your CFO


Higher level of transparency and monitoring

Single source of truth

In a continuously changing world, the key benefit is to be always be in control. Whether at individual workload or overall department level, teams need instant access and complete visibility of to all documents, tasks and deadlines. A secure, proven platform solution, with multi-functionality to meet all the contract and legal task management needs, ultimately provides security and peace of mind, allowing greater collaboration and respect for the Corporate Legal Department’s role within the business.



All sources of data together, and quicker search & reporting


Single hub for all CLD-led activities – enabling greater collaboration in team and cross-departments


Class-leading security and confidentiality in access management functionality


Enhanced legal information and document management with Legisway

  • Organise your data into a ""single source of truth"" and optimise work processes, to help you save time managing legal activities
  • Bring all sources of data together, ensuring the necessary stability and security, utilising a single search function for faster better results
  • Single hub for all Corporate Legal Department-led activity enabling greater collaboration in your team and across departments
  • Intuitive user interface and easy to use dashboards provide straightforward and clear display of information
  • Time management functionality to drive efficieny
  • Document templates and automation capabilities available
  • Prioritization of tasks and workflows with with alerts to prevent missing deadlines
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