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GDPR & your Law Firm

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Is your law firm GDPR ready?

New requirements under the GDPR relating to rights of individuals, data processing record keeping and the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk represent entirely new challenges for law firms.

Law firms hold a large amount of sensitive data, on behalf of individuals and companies, making them a potentially lucrative target for cyber hackers looking to exploit data or hold it ransom. The fact that law firms are a perfect target for cyber-attacks makes GDPR compliance even more important. Law firms not only need to make sure that they themselves are compliant to avoid the risk of penalties but, as we will discover in this paper, they must also work extra hard to prevent a breach since under GDPR they must be made public – a revelation that could be catastrophic to a firm’s reputation.

To help your law firm prepare for GDPR, download our latest whitepaper where we have highlighted five key things to understand about your new obligations, their practical implications, and how to keep client data protected.
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