Digital Maturity Benchmark 2020 LP

Digital Maturity Benchmark 2020

Nordic Legal Departments
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This report is based on a survey of over 200 legal departments in the Nordics and provides an overview of the digital maturity level of legal departments across the Nordics and compares some of the outcomes to their counterparts in Central and Southern Europe.

Key findings:

  • 86% of legal departments in the Nordics are planning to make greater use of legal technology in the next three years
  • Legal departments in the Nordics strongly agree on the importance of having a digital strategy, but in practice lag behind in the existence and implementation of a strategy compared to the rest of Europe
  • Even though 2/3 of companies in the Nordics with an annual revenue of more than €1 billion have a digital strategy in their legal department, only 21% strategies include allocated budget
  • Legal departments agree on the benefits of legal technology, but they have experienced challenges and the implementation success rate is still relatively low
  • The Nordics consider themselves more successful in implementing legal technology than the rest of Europe


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