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The modern legal department: Where to start with digitalisation

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For legal departments, digital transformation presents a great opportunity to increase productivity, enhance the delivery of services, and save time on routine tasks. You need to know where you stand and make an honest assessment of your department’s strengths and needs.

The goal of this webinar by Wolters Kluwer – Legal & Regulatory in partnership with ECLA, is to help you map the maturity and level of digitalisation of your legal department. Identify your needs within the digital transformation process and discover what features you should be considering during the selection and acquisition process of tools, so that you are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges, today.

Questions you will find an answer to following this webinar:

Where does my organisation stand on the digitalisation spectrum?
What processes/tasks can be digitised?
What should I keep in mind when selecting a solution that best fits my needs/fits my way of working?
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