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Accelerate Risk Mitigation:

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Agile capabilities, purpose-built for audit, embedded directly into the audit workflow to deliver timely and frequent insight on high-impact risks while aligning with audit standards.

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Agile is a mindset and a framework for planning and doing work in manageable but faster cycles; it emphasizes delivering tangible results quickly and often; it requires transparency and collaboration, and it promotes adaptability and responsiveness to change.

Agile Audit means adopting those traits, adapting processes while remaining aligned with the mission and standards of internal audit.

Now there is a solution that embeds agile tools into your audit workflow – seamlessly and effectively – so high-performing agile teams can help their organizations mitigate risk faster.

Engage with stakeholders

Stakeholders benefit from having their voices heard and being alerted to risks early and often.

Focus on high-impact risks

With an agile approach in place, risks are prioritized and addressed in the next work cycle or sprint. The agile framework ensures that each period of work is focused on the highest priority items known at the time.

Respond quickly to change

By breaking down the typical audit workflow into sprints that happen over a smaller time frame, you accelerate the opportunities for the incremental evolution of your process.

View a 5-minute on-demand demonstration of TeamMate+ Agile Audit
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