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Frequently asked questions about the Legisway demo

Where will the presentation take place?
All of our demos are web based and can be hosted on either Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, or your company’s web meeting service. Because they are remote, please feel free to extend the invitation to all relevant parties within your organization.

When will the presentation take place?
We schedule the presentation based on your schedule. When requesting an appointment if you let us know your availability we will schedule a meeting based on that information.

How long will the presentation last?
A demonstration can last between 30-45 minutes, depending on the needs. We are also happy to work within your time requirements.

What type of information should I bring to the presentation?
We find it beneficial to you, as well as our team, if we start off with some discovery questions to better understand your needs, any current points of frustration, and your ultimate goal. This information allows us to have a deeper and well-rounded discussion.

Will I have to buy the software after seeing the presentation?
Absolutely not. We would be happy to show you, without obligation, how the software works and answer all your questions.

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