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Simplify tracking of work and ensure consistent project management processes. With CCH Axcess Workstream, you can monitor due dates, manage projects, and map processes into standardized steps. Using built-in administrative workflow tools, you will:

  • Increase accountability with easy-to-understand dashboards, notifications, and project pools that keep everyone informed and up to date.
  • Manage resources more effectively with clear visibility into who is working on what.
  • Improve efficiency with the ability to track project status and due dates through electronic route sheets.
  • Enhance client service with greater visibility into project details for both partners and staff.
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Customer Testimonials

AgCountry Farm Credit Services
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"My favorite thing about CCH Axcess is Workstream just because it ties everything together."
Renee Fink, Vice President, Tax at AgCountry Farm Credit Services, discusses how CCH Axcess™ makes collaborating with colleagues and providing client services easier — even when staff works in separate locations.
  • Case Study

Christensen and Heinrichs case study

We saw a lot of improvement in efficiency primarily just through moving to a digital environment and then utilizing CCH Axcess Workstream and the route sheet in Workstream rather than tracking the actual paper package as it flowed through the office... Our partners were able to review everything remotely and keep everything moving along. 

Philip Christensen, CPA
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  • Case Study

Within CCH Axcess Workstream, we could build reports, we could create projects. We didn’t have to work with fixed templates. We had huge flexibility to build our projects the way we wanted to... It really was just a ground-breaking technology for us, and it pushed us to the next level. 

Todd Raymond, CPA
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Henry Raymond and Thompson case study

New Product Enhancements

Tax Calendar Integration

Tax Calendar Integration

"We were very grateful for the integration capabilities between CCH Axcess Workstream and the Research & Learning Tax Calendar this year. Given the magnitude of form due date changes that resulted from the pandemic, the automatic due date updates handled by the R&L library saved our tax professionals time in manually updating form due dates which allowed them to shift focus toward how to best serve our clients." 

Kelly Garvey, CPA 
Manager, National Tax Process & Technology

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