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Maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work with easy-to-use, comprehensive time and billing features. CCH Axcess Practice enables you to:

  • Capture more billable hours with simple one-screen time entry, including automated clocks and mobile time entry via the CCH Axcess™ mobile app.
  • Choose flexible options to suit almost any billing model including traditional hourly billing, fixed fee billing and progress billing. Invoices are easy to create and edit.
  • Monitor a wide range of KPIs, including productivity ratios, WIP/AR analysis and profit reports by office or project.
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Epay for CCH Axcess Practice
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Start Accepting E-payments

Accept electronic payments via one of our supported payment partners by adding a Pay Now button to your invoice emails, invoice templates or client portal. E‑payments appear automatically in Accounts Receivable.

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Customer Testimonial

Clausen & Associates Saves Time and Streamlines Workflows with CCH Axcess
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Clausen & Associates Saves Time and Streamlines Workflows with CCH Axcess

"The billing process is a very simple process in that we can see the prior year's bill right on the screen when we go to bill the WIP. We do fixed fee work on all of our tax work so that's really helpful for us to be able to see what was billed last year so we can bump it appropriately... The billing across the firm, no matter who's doing the billing, looks very consistent."

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We have found that our billing is faster and we are able to accumulate our time faster. One of the other beauties of it is, if I’m not keeping a live timer going, and I’m ready to get out of the office because of an outside commitment, once I get home I can use CCH Axcess Practice on my phone to enter my time right there.

Thomas Savino, CPA
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Bonanno Savino Davies and Ganley Case Study
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Vickerman CPA Group

I love the time clock system [in Practice], and I’ve gotten all the office to start using the clock, which is great. After they’re done preparing or reviewing, whatever process you’re doing, we then can close the return, post our time, post it to the project and it will automatically update the steps — all with a push of a button. Three things are done with one click.

The billing side of Practice, being able to set up clients that are frequently billed like our monthly bookkeeping clients. I love that feature. I got them all set up. It takes no time to bill.

Sue Vickerman, CPA, CGMA, MS
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