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Ovid Neonatal, Pediatrics and Child Development Collection

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Includes highly rated books in Pediatrics, Neurology and Psychology.
This unique collection offers the best and most current neonatal and pediatric research, as well as specialized findings and information about developmental diseases and caring for children with special needs. Designed to educate staff at identifying early intervention needs and best practices across many evidence-based subjects in developmental disorders, including:

• Autism spectrum disorders
• Speech and hearing delays
• Language disorders
• Learning disabilities
• and many more

Early Childhood Intervention programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of children with a disability from birth to age five, as well as helping address the needs of the child’s family to enhance the child’s physical, cognitive, communication, social, emotional or adaptive development.

Includes core information for a variety of users, including:
• Early Intervention Specialists
• Health Care Providers
• Pediatricians
• Nurses
• Special Education Researchers
• Therapists and Social Workers
• Psychologists/Psychiatrics
• Case Managers
• Neonatologists
• Midwives, and more.
Product Type:
  • Child Development Psychology
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics
  • Primary Care/Family Medicine/General Practice
  • Psychology
  • Speech
  • Language & Hearing

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