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Regelefterlevnadoktober 20, 2020

Global COVID-19 response initiative for the Aviation industry

The global spread of the COVID-19 virus has caused a tremendous impact on the aviation industry, as on everybody’s daily lives. Therefore, CGE Risk supports an initiative that could support organizations in this sector to safely pick-up operations again as soon as practicable.

An industry initiative

Guided by several international organizations clean transit routes, clean aircraft, and clean ground/flight crew, as well as clean passengers, i.e. Public Health Corridors (PHC) need to be achieved. To effectively achieve these Public Health Corridors, the entire sector will need to work together. Speaking the same language will make it far easier to exchange knowledge, best practices and to demonstrate to the authorities that proper measures have been taken to assure safe air transport for all.

CGE Risk, together with several aviation experts, is freely offering access to anybody interested in the aviation sector to an online Bowtie risk analysis and management platform. Bowties provide the common language required to make sure we understand each other, share data, indicate areas for improvement and subsequently create these Public Health Corridors as soon as practicable. Download a paper on ‘Why and how we should act on the COVID-19 emergency if we want to save commercial air transport and the world economy’ by Gustavo J. Barba Román (ATPL) & Antonio Peláez Portales (Aeronautical Engineer).

A platform with practical guidance

The platform, hosted at, is the shared environment on which practical guidance is provided on scenarios and safety barriers (controls, measures) you should assess before resuming operations.

The BowTieServer environment enables you to view a global COVID response bowtie as well as the CAA Significant 7 bowties. In addition to this, you will have access to bowties your peers will contribute in the coming period together with supporting information. As we all need to evaluate various risk scenarios and demonstrate to both internal as well as external stakeholders that we are in control and working towards Public Health Corridors as soon as possible, managing your safety barriers will be key. In addition, it is possible to connect questions to the bowtie barriers, in order to fill out surveys to check the status of these barriers throughout the organization.

The online environment enables you to download the provided bowtie diagrams freely and edit in your BowTieXP software so you can use them within your organization at your discretion. CGE will make sure you will have the relevant activation key at your disposal to enable you to download the required files and process those, and if willing you can also upload the adjusted files back onto the shared environment to serve as inspiration and guidance to others.

Get access!

By clicking the button below and filling out the form, you will request access to the BowTieServer platform.

Join the Global Covid Response initiative

CGE Risk offers a tour through the platform soon after you have registered, this will help you make use of the initiative. We and the experts involved, trust this online BowTieServer environment will be useful to the industry and encourages everyone to share this with anybody that might benefit from it!

Discuss further on LinkedIn

There is a lot of reference material available and your thoughts are very welcome. In order to facilitate an easy discussion, a LinkedIn discussion group has been created. Request access to the group:

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