Focused Agile Audit Planning Using Analytics
Súlad s predpismiFinancieDane a účtovníctvo25 augusta, 2021

Pandemic Aftermath Shifts Audit Agile

The global pandemic has created an extraordinary storm of crises and course corrections for organizations and internal audit functions around the world. This dynamic risk environment has tested internal audit’s resilience and value, and has compelled us to work differently. It came as no surprise to me that auditors and audit leaders naturally defaulted to more agile ways of working.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how you worked differently to cope with the pandemic.
  • Understand the new agile ways of working and typical behaviours that emerged.
  • Ask yourself, and explore, how many of your ways of working will change for good? To put it another way, what will you bottle?
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TeamMate+ Agile Audit

Accelerate risk mitigation

Agile capabilities embedded into the audit workflow deliver timely and frequent insight on high-impact risks.
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