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Corporativ16 iulie, 2021

Nancy McKinstry featured on leadership podcast

Looking back on an impressive career, happy and eager to look forward to all the important developments and opportunities still to come. That’s typical of CEO Nancy McKinstry. As a proud member of the ERT, Nancy features in the latest ERT podcast: 21st Century Industrialists to talk about exactly those topics. 

The podcast aims to nurture the public profile and perception of ERT members, through the lenses of leadership, career and personal experiences and values. In this informal conversation Nancy talks freely on the inspirations and experiences that have informed her values and professional path in life. A recurring theme is her view on relevant subjects such as digital transformation. Some of the most inspiring quotes from this interview: 

  • Books were really an anchor for me, and they opened up this world of learning. To this day I consider myself a lifelong learner.
  • If you were to ask me a decade ago, would you still have customers using printed products? I would probably have said no.
  • I have found that the most diverse teams are the most creative, they produce the best innovation and by the way, they tend also to produce the best financial results. 
  • It is so critical to have a vision of where you want to take a business.
  • A lot of the routine work that many of our customers do, will be replaced with artificial intelligence and other advanced tools, and they will spend their time doing what we would call higher value added functions. So, I think the world of work will change quite dramatically.

Tune in on this latest ERT podcast featuring Nancy McKinstry, available on the ERT website and on the major podcast platforms (Apple, Google & Spotify). 

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