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A drug reference solution is an essential part of your organization’s workflow

The right solution needs to provide more than just drug labeling information. It needs to function like a member of the care team, helping you reduce medication errors, enhance patient safety, and improve efficiency.

Lexicomp provides clinicians across your organization with system-wide access to clear, concise point-of-care drug information and clinical content, including interactions, dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, clinical practice guidelines, and IV compatibility from Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database. Lexicomp also includes clinical context from UpToDate to allow pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to work from the same evidence-based content.

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Drug information reference

Medication information and clinical tools for hospitals and health systems help meet the needs of pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.

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Formulary decision support

Customizable formulary database that is integrated in Lexicomp to improve communications between Pharmacy & Therapeutics committees and prescribers and improve operational efficiencies.

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Patient education

Drive patient adherence to treatment and help positively impact outcomes using patient-facing leaflets on medications, discharge instructions, and more, available in up to 19 languages.

Better clinician communication begins with Lexicomp and UpToDate: Unparalleled editorial excellence and collaboration
Lexicomp is trusted by over 43,000 health organizations around the world to deliver evidence-based, clinically actionable information to aid in choosing an appropriate and safe drug and dose for the patient. Lexicomp content is developed in concert with UpToDate to help pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to better harmonize care at all stages. Lexicomp content is developed using strict editorial policies that are intended to represent the content in a balanced, unbiased way.

Evidence-based drug monographs

Lexicomp delivers consolidated best-practice recommendations from the largest team of clinicians globally. Access the combined expertise of our 150-person in-house editorial team and hundreds of external contributors and consultants.

Actionable dosing recommendations

Lexicomp uniquely delivers expanded drug referential content that provides clinical context and actionable dosing recommendations from our unmatched clinical and editorial team. This new level of drug referential content supports clinicians treating patients with complex medical conditions.

Harmonized care

Pharmacist and physician experts at Lexicomp and UpToDate collaborate to ensure content is aligned across the solutions, delivering key clinical context and helping to mitigate care variability by aligning clinical decisions made by different members of a care team.

Drive formulary adherence

Integrate your institution's formularies within both Lexicomp and UpToDate. Your clinicians can access it right in their workflow from desktop or mobile devices.

  • Froedtert enhances efficiency with one drug information solution
  • Achieving highest standards at International Medical Center
The depth of knowledge, timely updates, and how concise it is. All of these factors definitely make Lexicomp a high-quality resource.
Megan Holsopple, PharmD
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Our pharmacists and clinicians rely on Lexicomp and UpToDate to provide current, evidence-based care.
Dr. Ali Y. Saber
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