The Outline provides a table-of-contents view of the available sections of the drug monograph. The contents of the Outline can be viewed alphabetically by selecting "Alphabetical".

To jump to a particular section, click on the desired topic heading. Sections that have an arrow sign next to them have sub-sections that allow you to jump to more specific areas of content.

To expose all of the sub-sections at once, click the "Expand All" link found to the right of the Outline title on the left side of the screen.

Lexicomp monographs include important drug information related to:

  • Dosing: Find dosing information, including dosing related to special populations, such as hepatic, renal, obesity, and neonatal
  • Administration: Find considerations for a drug's relevant route of administration, storage issues, dietary considerations, and more
  • Adverse Reactions: Identify incidents that could be life threatening, debilitating, or otherwise significant to the patient’s safety
  • Pharmacogenomics: Link to specific pharmacogenomics monographs that review the influence of inherited genetic variants on agents used to treat cancer and supportive care medications
  • Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics: Optimize dosing for antimicrobials and minimize adverse effects
  • Warnings and precautions: Find a drug's contraindications and warnings for adult and pediatric populations
  • International Brand Names: Find more than 500,000 international brand names from over 150 countries in an easy-to-search functionality
  • And more
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