Search Results Page

Searches can be initiated from the home page search or from the search box found at the top left of every page throughout the application.

Searching from the Home Page

From the opening screen, enter any keyword (i.e., drug, lab, disease) in the search box and use either the Enter key or click on the Search icon. To assist with searching, a possible keyword list will appear after you enter at least two (2) characters. To select a suggested term, simply click on the desired search term and the system will automatically perform a search and display the results.

Handling Misspelled Terms

If you misspell a search term, the search logic will try to determine the likely term that was intended. If possible, search results for the intended term will be displayed, and the gray contextual navigation bar will indicate that the search was performed using this term. A "did you mean" choice will also be displayed (when applicable) with additional options that the search service has determined are possible matches.

Search Results Display

After performing a search, you will be presented with the results from all available content sets that have a match to the search performed. If there are more than 5 results returned per content set, the top matches based on user activity will be displayed first. Additional search results can be displayed by clicking on the "show all" link. To view the monograph within any content set, click on the hyperlinked drug name displayed.

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