The drug identification tool, powered by Medi-Span® data, is accessed via the blue toolbar at the top of the screen. Drug I.D. is an application that allows the identification of a variety of oral, topical, and injectable dosage forms. To begin, enter known product characteristics, such as imprint, dosage form, shape, and color. You may also search using drug name, manufacturer/labeler, or identifier (NDC).

When entering an imprint code, enter each discrete marking from the tablet as a separate imprint. For example, to identify a tablet with "M" on one side and "100" on the other side, enter "M" into the "Imprint Side 1" box, then enter "100" into the "Imprint Side 2" box.

When entering the dosage form, shape, and color, select from the drop-down menu of choices in each of the respective boxes.

It is not necessary to populate all of the product characteristics into each of the boxes to be able to execute a search; however, the more information that is inputted, the fewer the search results with drugs meeting that criteria.

Note: Multiple colors can be entered by returning to the drop-down menu and selecting additional colors.

Once the search criteria have been inputted, click the Search button to execute the search. The results will be displayed according to "Exact Match Results" (if any are found), followed by "Partial Match Results.

On the Search Results screen, additional information can be viewed for each of the products displayed by clicking anywhere on that product's description. The additional information retrieved includes a larger image (when available), NDC, manufacturer, a written description of the imprint code, Rx/OTC classification, and a bioequivalency rating. Click "Search Lexicomp" to perform a search on the generic drug name across Lexicomp. To return to the Search Results screen, click the "Search Results" tab.
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