In addition to the monograph information, content is available via the tabs across the top of the monograph window. Clicking on these tabs will give you access to (1) images of various dosage forms; (2) adult patient education material and (3) pediatric patient education material.

Adult & Pediatric Patient Education

From the monograph, clicking on the patient education tabs will display the patient education document (adult or pediatric) for that drug. This document can be navigated using the same methods used to navigate a drug monograph: scrolling, choosing a section via the Outline and accessing the "Find in Document" function via the gray contextual navigation bar.

The gray navigation bar also contains options specific to patient education. The patient education handouts are written at a consumer level and can be viewed in multiple languages. To view the document in a different language, click on the drop-down arrow next to "English." Available languages will be displayed using this menu. Use the "Customize" link to add patient-specific information, including the name and provider (entered information is not saved after printing).

To print the document, click on the "Print" link in the upper right corner of the grey contextual navigation bar and a list of the available printers to which your computer is connected will be displayed.

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