Using the Product Availability Module

The Product Availability module allows the user to search for products with the same active ingredient, dose form, route and strength. In addition, the NDC or UPC (if appropriate), package size/description, labeler, market status and FDA Orange Book rating are also included for each product in the search results. This tool allows the user to find comparable available products when a particular product is unavailable.

Products can be searched using the routed product name or NDC. To locate a product by name, begin entering the product name (brand or generic) into the search box. After typing a few letters, search results will appear and filter as more letters are typed. The dropdown menu will display the routed products available for selection. When the desired routed drug is selected, the specific strengths available for that dose form are displayed. Click on the Package Details link to view the detailed information. Note: Next to the search box there is an option to include generic alternatives in the search results or to display only the results for the specific product selected. The checkbox is prechecked so generic alternatives are included, but the box can easily be unchecked if desired.

To search by NDC, enter the 9 or 11 digit NDC into the tool and click Search. Since the NDC is already specific for a dose form and strength, the detailed information for that form and strength is displayed.

The detailed search results page will include a table containing all the products for that active ingredient, dose form and strength. The information provided includes the NDC, product name, package size and description, the labeler, market status, and FDA Orange Book rating. Clicking on the NDC will initiate a search for the corresponding drug monograph in Facts and Comparisons eAnswers.

To return to the search page, click on the Search tab.

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