The Calculators module is an extensive medical calculations application covering infusions, adult and pediatric organ function assessment, and other conversion calculators. The Calculators module includes calculators from EBMcalc and calculators developed within Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information. EBMcalc is a unique computerized medical reference and tool set that encompasses a wide array of pertinent medical formulae, critical criteria sets, and decision tree analysis tools used every day by clinicians, medical educators, nurses, and health care students. EBMcalc assists with error detection and reduction. When practicing, teaching, and learning medicine based on solid, literature-based data, practitioners may be easily overwhelmed by the breadth of information that they must master. EBMcalc helps simplify this task by assembling easy-to-use, interactive tools to support evidence-based medicine.

Using Calculators

The Calculators tool is accessed via the blue tool bar at the top of the page. Upon opening the tool, the user is presented with an alphabetical list of the available calculators in the left panel. Select the desired calculator by searching for keywords in the "Calculator Lookup" box or by scrolling through the list of calculators displayed. The "Browse Category" drop-down menu can be used to browse a specific subset of calculators. The available categories include Adult, Conversions, Dental, Emergency Drugs, General, Infusions, International (SI units), Pediatric, Pharmacokinetics, Renal Function Estimation, and Toxicology. Click on the desired calculator and it will appear in the right content panel.

To perform a calculation, enter in the required variables. Once all the inputs are entered, click the "Calculate" button to perform the calculation.

To help ensure patient safety, input data is checked against accepted values/ranges throughout the calculation process. When an input is restricted, click on the "Input" button to display the accepted range. If a value is entered that falls outside of the accepted range, a warning will be displayed after the "Calculate" button is clicked. This warning will be displayed in red text and will instruct the user to correct the value that is out of range before the calculation can be performed.

To start over, click the "Reset" button to clear all values and begin the calculation again.

To print a calculation, click the "Print" link in the upper right corner of the content panel and the printer options will be displayed.

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