• All leaflets are written at a 5th-to-7th-grade reading level and include high-quality illustrations
    • 3,200 leaflets on medications available in 19 languages
    • 3,600 handouts on conditions, procedures, discharge instructions and healthy living available in up to 19 languages (all in English and Spanish)
    • Customize leaflets with patient-specific information
  • Epic's Discharge Instructions navigator section and the Clinical References activity provide quick access to Lexicomp patient education within Hyperspace®
  • Programs with access include:
    • EpicCare® Ambulatory
    • EpicCare® Inpatient
    • EpicCare® ASAP products
  • Patient leaflets can be stored within Epic activities
    • Store leaflets in the patient's chart, making them available for review to the original clinician and to other providers on future visits
    • Leaflets are accessible to print at patient discharge
    • Patient education materials can be made available to the patient in MyChart®
  • Several delivery options
    • HL7 Infobutton links to online content directly from Epic applications
    • Flat files can be downloaded from an FTP site at the customer's convenience and maintained on the customer's hard drive; files refreshed every night with new updates


  • Consistency – the same leaflets are found in all relevant functions of Epic and on the Lexicomp Online interface
  • Supports Meaningful Use requirements
    • Helps meet requirement of using Context Aware Knowledge Retrieval HL7 standards (Infobutton) for retrieval of reference information, including patient education
    • Patient education leaflets can also provide specific educational information as driven by EMR problem lists or discharge diagnoses

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