Medi-Span databases and files include drug data configured for applications that span the healthcare continuum, offering clinical screening and alerts. Medi-Span is used by:

  • 1,600 hospitals
  • 6 of the top 10 EMRs
  • The top 10 PBMs
  • 9 of the top 10 retail pharmacies


  • Implementation during initial system setup is managed by Epic
  • Customize your data and decision support solution! Medi-Span sales team is available to consult with hospitals on which files best suit their needs
  • Medi-Span works directly with clients post-implementation to provide data-related technical support and expertise
  • Web delivery download of data
  • Content updated monthly - full database or incremental updates available

EPIC Enterprise Modules supporting Medi-Span Integration

  • EpicCare® Ambulatory EMR - practice management for physician groups with CPOE capability
  • EpicCare® Inpatient EMR - patient accounting and management with CPOE capability by physicians within the hospital
  • Willow Inpatient - inpatient pharmacy dispensing
  • Willow Ambulatory Rx - dispensing within physician clinics
  • OpTime Operating Room Management - scheduling and documenting surgeries

Available Medi-Span databases and modules include:

  • Drug Interaction and Allergy Screening
  • Duplicate Therapy screening with duplication allowance
  • Identify a drug’s indications
  • Therapeutic Classification
  • Advanced drug dosing
  • Conflict screening for age, gender, diseases, pregnancy, and lactation
    • Drug identification
    • I.V. compatibility checking
    • Mapping of Medi-Span codes to RxNorm to promote interoperability


  • Supports Meaningful Use
    • Medi-Span provides screening functions that are required by Meaningful Use, including drug-drug interaction, drug-allergy interaction, drug-disease interaction, duplicate therapy screening, and dose range checking
    • Files that map Medi-Span concepts to RxNorm help support Meaningful Use requirement of RxNorm as a common vocabulary representing medications and medication allergies for transitions in care
  • Helps combat “alert fatigue” with Medi-Span Alert Control functionality
    • Medi-Span consults with Epic to customize filter settings on EMRs to help customers develop intelligent ways to address alert fatigue through more effective alert screening and alert management
    • Alert Control functionality that allows for alert customization at the site, department or clinician end-user level, which enables the reduction of irrelevant alerts by user type
    • Contextual alerting content considers available patient profile information regarding symptoms, age, weight, gender, body surface area and renal function to make clinical alerts better tailored to a particular patient’s situation
    • Updated clinical screening content built on and adjusted to deal with changes in the standard of care enabling the reduction of outdated alerts
  • The Medi-Span GPI advantage
    • The Medi-Span proprietary Generic Product Identifier, or GPI, is a unique concept with a long-proven track record that identifies drug products by a hierarchical therapeutic classification scheme
    • The 14-character value of a GPI defines pharmaceutically equivalent drug products having the same active ingredients, dosage form, strength or concentration, route of administration, and therapeutic use
    • This structure allows for the creation of complex drug lists with any level of granularity
    • The GPI’s level of specificity makes it ideal for reviewing and screening data in a clinical setting

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