• Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information offers easy, one-step implementation of Lexicomp Online through the Epic utility screen. Lexicomp databases auto-populate, providing complete implementation within minutes!
  • The Epic Implementation Team works directly with your hospital to facilitate implementation and provides extensive technical documentation, while Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information offers personalized service with expert technical support post-implementation

Medication literature linking

  • Drug reference links to clinical information about medications can appear in the MAR, Order Entry, or both
  • Allows users to point to any of the Lexicomp clinical databases, including adult drug information, pediatric drug information, your hospital's customized formulary database, and more


  • One-click access to Lexicomp Online drug reference within the Order Entry allows physicians and other prescribers to conveniently review the entire spectrum of Lexicomp drug information—including drug interactions and adverse reactions; dosing for specific populations, like pediatric, neonatal, geriatric, pregnancy, breast-feeding and obesity; and drug ID—without having to leave the EMR
  • One-click access to Lexicomp Online drug reference within the MAR allows nurses, advanced practice nurses, and other caregivers to review drug administration details, physical assessment and patient monitoring, and patient education—without having to exit their workflow
  • Information available at the point of care enables clinicians to efficiently access the information without disrupting patient care
  • The Clinical Drug Information publishing model of concise, clear, relevant drug information helps clinicians find the answers they are seeking quicker than using encyclopedic resources—although Lexicomp Online still allows a deeper dive into research-oriented details when more information is required
  • No updates or downloads required, as Epic links take users directly to Lexicomp Online, a Web-based resource updated on an ongoing basis
  • Supports Meaningful Use requirement of using Context Aware Knowledge Retrieval HL7 standards (Infobutton) for retrieval of reference information

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