Authentic partnerships increase patient satisfaction

In a healthcare landscape that continues to move toward value-based care, patients are one of the greatest untapped resources for value-based strategies.

And yet, engaging patients is just the first step.

Providers need a way to partner with patients to optimize care. They must empower patients with information and support, rooted in evidence, that aligns health decisions, strengthens relationships, and creates personalized experiences that healthcare consumers have grown to expect.

Meet Emmi.

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Partnering with patients to optimize care

Emmi is the only solution that goes beyond education and engagement by partnering with patients to optimize care.

Completely aligned with UpToDate, Emmi’s AI-driven virtual solutions are backed by a unique blend of human-centered design and behavioral science. They are tailored to meet patients where, when, and how they want to be engaged, increasing patient satisfaction.

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Trustworthy Content

In an age of misinformation, hospitals can't afford to provide patients with inconsistent messages delivered using different channels at seemingly random points in their care journey.

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Authentic Care Connections

As face-to-face patient interactions become less frequent, providers need technology that supplements human connection and sparks the right patient actions.

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Experience Driven, AI Refined

Emmi has more than 35 million patient interactions under its belt, which means programs are built based on real patient behaviors, not best guesses.

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Align Patient Action with Clinical Decisions

As the patient-facing extension of UpToDate, Emmi is the only solution that pairs trustworthy content with personalized delivery, tracking, and measurement. With Emmi, providers and payers can partner with patients to optimize care across the continuum to achieve better clinical, financial, and quality outcomes.

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It only takes a few minutes for us to show you how partnering with Emmi can activate patients across their entire care journey, resulting in measurable improvements to health and financial outcomes.
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Emmi solutions enable healthcare organizations to build stronger relationships, enhance the care experience, improve health outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives, while increasing revenue and reducing costs.
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