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Emmi nurtures healthy behaviors and actions that align with clinical care plans through trustworthy, consistent, and compassionate communications.

Our team is made up of writers, medical illustrators, user experience designers, and industry professionals who are obsessed over the art and science of empathetic communication.

Using our collective expertise and experience, Emmi delivers unrivaled, trustworthy content to extend evidence-based care.

Emmi programs are:

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Rooted in evidence

Every Emmi program is developed from evidence-based clinical information in UpToDate, the leading clinical decision support resource used by more than 2 million clinicians worldwide. This ensures the content a patient sees is rooted in the same clinical evidence that clinicians rely upon to make clinical decisions.
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Developed with patient input

Emmi content is developed in cooperation with actual patients. Our work with patients helps to ensure that Emmi content is easy to understand, that it speaks to patients in a personal and empathetic manner, that it reflects the patient experience, and that common questions and concerns are addressed when possible.
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Designed using a cognitive and behavioral approach

People need more than information to take action on their health in a meaningful way. Emmi programs are designed using a variety of key behavioral science and cognitive learning theories aimed at producing particular outcomes. We never tell people what to do. We tell them the why behind the action, provide steps they can take to change their situation, and acknowledge situations where they might struggle. 

Emmi programs also follow the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) Universal Precaution: to make complex information understandable and actionable for patients regardless of their education or background. We strive to keep content around a fourth or fifth grade reading level (with the exception of medical terms that need to be explained).

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