Stay on top of market trends and make confident decisions with the help of trusted drug pricing concepts and attributes from Medi-Span

Enhance your market knowledge to assist with pricing and positioning decisions using Medi-Span drug pricing benchmark data points.

To help you make timely and confident decisions, Medi-Span regularly provides new and updated pricing information enabled by our long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

You can also be confident that our pricing benchmark information will always remain as unbiased as possible, as it is published independently under Medi-Span proprietary editorial policies.

The benchmarks you need — from AWP to WAC — from a source you can trust

Medi-Span pricing data provides you with a wide variety of pricing concepts, including Average Wholesale Price (AWP) and Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), as well as key reimbursement attributes, so you can more confidently make decisions.

  • Average Wholesale Acquisition Cost Pricing (AWAC)
    Support your pricing analytics with Medi-Span AWAC which provides both AWAC and Generic Equivalent WAC (GEWAC) pricing with current and up to 12 historical prices. We help you by providing a way to determine WAC pricing for a specific NDC when it is unavailable from the manufacturer. You will also receive information necessary to build a WAC-based Price Index for reimbursement rules or payment rules for multiple-source pharmaceutical products.
  • Federal Government Pricing
    • Establish and compare pricing methodologies for state Medicaid and beyond.  
    • Saves you time by eliminating manual processing of pricing updates and data output changes from the government, and by delivering NADAC and/or ACA FUL pricing data in one resource  
    • Helps you stay current with content updates as often as daily when Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) posts new data 
    • Supports a wide range of applications by linking pricing data to National Drug Codes (NDCs) 
    • Assists payers/PBMs in considering price points when establishing contracts, particularly those involving state Medicaid  
    • Helps retail pharmacies anticipate baseline pricing for state Medicaid programs  
  • Medicare Plans
    • Helps save time spent researching and monitoring Medicare reimbursement designations by providing access to Part B and Part D indicators in one consolidated source  
    • Helps reduce tedious manual updates — the file automatically updates with new NDCs and changes in Medicare status as they become available  
  • Medicaid Rebates

    Avoid constant monitoring of Medicaid Rebate Programs.  

    • Helps increase efficiency as you can avoid manual monitoring of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) website for updates  
    • Saves you time by providing the same information published by the government as part of your regular drug file delivery while helping you with layout changes and non-routine postings by the government  
  • Medi-Span Electronic Drug File (MED-File) v2
    This foundational drug file provides you with regularly updated codified drug dictionary, drug vocabulary, and drug pricing for prescription drugs and medication-based over-the-counter products in the United States.
  • Payment Allowance Limit – Part B (PAL-B) v2 
    Streamline your medicare reimbursement activities. To support healthcare businesses’ Medicare coverage-related decision-making needs, PAL-B v2 provides consolidated access to timely reimbursement information for drugs covered under Medicare Part B, as published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
As a claims processor, we rely on Medi-Span and its wealth of drug information to forecast and price claims for our clients. Medi-Span is the go-to (data source) that is recognized across the industry for (manufacturer-provided) drug information. They have innovative tools and excellent customer service that will go above and beyond to provide the best available solution.
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Medi-Span® brings you a suite of embedded drug data solutions and clinical screening modules to support your medication-related decisions across the continuum of care.
Learn more about how organizations like yours use Medi-Span drug data and clinical screening modules to support appropriate medication decisions, and to help reduce prescribing errors by optimizing alert systems.
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