Medication adherence is essential to positive patient outcomes

A patient plays a critical role in their own care throughout the continuum, especially when they are taking medications. Without a proper understanding of their medication therapy regimen and why it’s important, patients and caregivers may self-administer medications incorrectly or simply choose not to take them, potentially leading to adverse drug events, recurrence of disease symptoms, or even hospital readmission. Lexicomp® empowers nurses, pharmacists, and other direct caregivers to reach patients on an individualized level and deliver easy-to-understand information and tips to help improve adherence and, ultimately, care outcomes.

Helping you reach patients in ways they can understand

Lexicomp develops patient education to help healthcare professionals enhance compliance and reduce readmissions by providing patients with a wide range of easy-to-read information (written at a 5th–7th grade reading level) about their condition, treatments, and overall health. Our patient education handouts support the teach-back method. They are available in up to 19 languages and can be customized with the patient's name and clinician information.

Speak your patients’ language

Not only is the medication information written at an appropriate level for patients to understand, we also deliver our patient education leaflets in English, Spanish, and 19 additional languages to support you in educating patients in their native language.

Patient leaflets

Patient education in Lexicomp provides clinicians with extensive resources for patients, with over 8,000 leaflets that include medications (adult and pediatric), diseases and conditions, labs and procedures, natural products, discharge instructions, dental topics, occupational and physical therapy, and health and wellness. Developed in collaboration with clinicians, these reflect the latest evidence and are harmonized with the content in the world’s leading clinical decision support resource, UpToDate.

Integrated in your workflow

We’ve made getting access to patient education simple. Easily integrate leading patient education content into your workflow in your EMR, pharmacy management system or other workflow application.

Adult patient counseling points

Adult Patient Counseling Points provide a briefer version of the medication leaflets that provides limited, easy-to-digest information about the medication’s uses, risks and benefits. This option allows clinicians to select the level of depth that they feel to be most appropriate for their patient. Available in U.S. only.