Formulary adherence requires full team participation

With thousands of drugs to consider for your patient population and budgetary requirements, formulary policy is critical. And yet, despite the time and thought that you and your team put into setting the policy, adherence can be an issue. This is compounded by the fact that you don’t just set policy once; it changes regularly over time. You need a way to ensure that clinicians know the current formulary status for every medication they prescribe. Formulink can help.

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Formulink integration into UpToDate
With your formulary integrated into UpToDate, the world’s leading clinical decision support resource, it makes it easy to communicate organizational drug policy to prescribers. Watch this video to see how.

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Partnering with you to build your custom formulary

Formulink delivers unlimited customization potential allowing P&T committees to design their formularies to effectively communicate formulary policy with clinicians. Our team of formulary experts will work with you to develop your custom formulary and then train your team on the intuitive tools that allow you to make changes any time.

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Communicating multiple formularies seamlessly

Within your organization, you may have unique formularies for different audiences, sites or departments. With Formulink, pharmacists and other clinicians can see that level of detail for each medication at point of care.

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Access at point of care

Formulink is visible wherever your pharmacists and other clinicians see UpToDate or Lexicomp as they make decisions for the patient. In addition to EHR and Web-based versions, Lexicomp and UpToDate mobile apps keep this information front and center at point of care.

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Reports to inform your policy over time

Once you begin using Formulink, you have access to reports—including reviews of dosage forms and restrictions—that will help the P&T committee make decisions about their formulary policy in the future.

  • Paradigm-shifting solution
Having electronic, institution-wide access to the hospital formulary was a paradigm shift… It is time-saving to have all you need at a button press!
Desouky F. Fayed, MS, PharmD