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  • This subscription option offers access to the same content and features as a professional subscription at a fraction of the price;1 eligible individuals receive a reduced subscription fee with proof of trainee status.
  • 98% of trainee subscribers say they would recommend UpToDate to a friend or colleague.2
  • UpToDate offers a 30-day money back guarantee with first-time annual or longer subscriptions.

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Subscription options for Residents, Fellows, Students and Doctors in Training, including group orders for up to 19 individuals

Base subscription

Get access to the same content and features as an UpToDate subscription at our special low trainee prices.1

Whether or not your hospital or university provides access to UpToDate, there are many advantages to having your own subscription, including 24/7 access to UpToDate content and our highly rated mobile app. As a trainee, you need a current and reliable clinical decision support resource to help you answer questions quickly and easily at the point of care.

UpToDate Online: All personal subscriptions include UpToDate Online, which provides access to UpToDate from any Internet browser on a computer or mobile device with a personal username and password. Individual subscribers can also download free mobile apps7.

We offer one- and two-year subscription terms. Shorter terms are available in most areas through our 30-day recurring billing option. We also offer special pricing and convenient purchasing for group practices of up to 19 clinicians or individuals ordering together as a group. Learn more information about group subscription options.

Subscribe risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee
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Optional add-ons

UpToDate MobileComplete™ – The fastest mobile version of UpToDate. Simply use a Wi-Fi connection to download the full content of UpToDate to your device and find clinical recommendations even without a network connection!3

UpToDate for Desktop – Download full UpToDate content onto your desktop or laptop computer and get fast, always-on access to UpToDate content on up to two computers, even without a persistent internet connection!4

UpToDate® Advanced – Included in base subscriptions in the United States, Canada and select other countries, but is available as an add-on in most other countries — gives you access to UpToDate® Pathways, which offer users an easy, interactive navigation of critical, complex decision points based on patient co-morbidities and presentation, and Lab Interpretation monographs designed to support the quick and insightful interpretation and management of abnormal test results monographs, which provide quick, actionable guidance to help users interpret abnormal lab results for common, high-volume tests and determine appropriate next steps based on individual patient needs. You can benefit from this innovative level of clinical decision support that helps you improve patient outcomes by providing guidance for each unique patient and ensure important questions and considerations aren’t missed as you make care decisions.5

Subscribe risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee
Review Terms & Conditions6
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  1. CME/CE/CPD credit is not available with individual subscriptions purchased at trainee rates. Exclusions may also apply to selected subscription types in some areas.
  2. UpToDate Individual Subscriber Survey, October 2020 (N=2,127).
  3. UpToDate MobileComplete can be added to Individual Online subscriptions for an additional fee. It is not available as a standalone product. Wi-Fi access is required for initial MobileComplete download as well as content updates. MobileComplete is not available in all countries.
  4. UpToDate for Desktop is currently available for individual subscribers only for an additional upgrade fee. Wi-Fi access is required for download, installation, and updates. Not available in all countries or with trainee subscription.
  5. UpToDate Advanced is included in an individual subscription in the United States, Canada, and select other countries. It can be added to Individual Online subscriptions in select other countries for an additional fee. It is not available as standalone product.
  6. 30-day, money-back guarantee is only available for first-time subscribers on annual (or longer) subscription terms. If you are a first-time subscriber and are not completely satisfied with your annual (or longer) UpToDate subscription, you may cancel within 30 days and request a full refund in US dollars. To take advantage of our 30-day, money-back guarantee, please contact Customer Support.
  7. An individual subscription is required for access to UpToDate through our mobile apps.
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