Expanding knowledge in class and preparing for the real world

Lexicomp provides drug information resources and tools to help students in class, on rotations and clinicals, and throughout their careers.

Whether incorporated into classroom curriculum or used to answer questions, our online, mobile, and print solutions help students prepare for their professional careers. Lexicomp provides them with resources to enhance medication selection, therapeutic decision-making, and patient safety. Lexicomp drug information solutions have been integral educational tools at institutions of higher learning for decades.

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Pharmacy schools

Lexicomp is highly regarded by hospital pharmacists and is respected by retail pharmacists. Pharmacy students will be better prepared for their careers — regardless of the professional path they choose after graduation.

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Nursing and medical schools

Help nursing and medical students quickly find answers to their drug information questions so that they can manage a busy schedule without sacrificing patient care. Our content grows with students — from easy-to-understand core pharmacotherapy to advanced clinical tools.

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Dental schools

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry offers unique benefits for dental professionals. Students can learn how to quickly find information about the effects of medication on bleeding and special dental concerns. Lesion diagnosis tools also available.

Evidence-based drug reference solution used in the workflow and on-the-go
Clinicians choose Lexicomp® for evidence-based drug information to support smart, safe medication decisions. Studies show that Lexicomp is the preferred drug reference solution for care teams.
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