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Whether you are building a virtual care platform, a digital front door experience, or a chatbot, Emmi couples trusted patient engagement content with advanced integration options to enrich every digital experience.

We understand how challenging it is to keep up with the ever-changing needs of healthcare providers, payers and patients. That’s why we made our patient engagement and content delivery solution easy to integrate with web services and APIs. And because of our commitment to continual innovation, Emmi will always stay current with the ever-changing matrix of integration standards.

The patient engagement ecosystem is crowded. Differentiate your offering with:
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A track record you can measure

Emmi content is in a league of its own. As an extension of Wolters Kluwer's most trusted clinical decision support tool, UpToDate, Emmi provides clinically validated content you can trust. Our outcomes speak for themselves.

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Expert content you can trust

Emmi’s assets have the breadth and depth suited to engage patients how, when, and where they want while exceeding clinicians' expectations. Unlike other resources, Emmi offers content-as-a-service that people want to engage with.

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Flexible integration you can count on

Through standard interfaces, Emmi offers rapid integration options paired with continual, clinically validated content updates. With Emmi, you’re always up and running.

Who we help

We partner with a wide range of companies to deliver digital health experiences that include:

  • Digital front doors
  • Chatbots
  • Patient scheduling systems
  • Virtual care and telehealth platforms
  • Digital therapeutics
  • AI-powered care plans
  • Remote monitoring stations bedside TV systems
  • Point of care tablets
  • Patient education and discharge
By integrating UpToDate and Emmi through Wolters Kluwer’s content-as-a-service model, we offer the best digital healthcare backed by the latest evidence for clinicians and reinforced by digital programs for health consumers that go beyond the consultation.
Keith Algozzine, PA-C, founder and CEO, UCM Digital Health
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Emmi solutions enable healthcare organizations to build stronger relationships, enhance the care experience, improve health outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives, while increasing revenue and reducing costs.
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