Finanza e Gestione19 novembre, 2019

BNP Paribas adesso può trovare informazioni rapide con dati reali attendibili grazie a CCH Tagetik

Il modeling finanziario di CCH Tagetik permette a BNP Paribas di valutare facilmente diversi scenari aziendali, vedere immediatamente l'impatto delle decisioni sulle prestazioni finanziarie e generare previsioni.

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Being a business partner for the Finance of tomorrow means to be able to analyse a lot of data very quickly and to guide the business partner efficiently.Prior to CCH Tagetik for performance management it was mostly Essbase solutions.

We were suffering from the difficulty to reconcile the monitoring of information between our business lines,our geographical regions, and spending a lot of time doing reconciliation in solutions which were not easy to evolve.So we had to do a lot of quick fixes which made a very complex architecture, which was difficult to sustain.

CCH Tagetik with quick deliveries, progressively re-built all that to create a simplification of our IT architecture.

The partnership with CCH Tagetikstarted from the beginning of a project, so they were able to accompany usfrom the delivery of the proof of concept, which convinced us of the value of the solution.

We've started with our budget process,which, in terms of volume of data and complexity, was a good starting point.

And then progressively we evolved towards actuals,where we have much more complex processes and large amounts of data to be manipulated.One main reason for us to change our Corporate Performance Management solution was also about financial modelling,and that's an innovation which we are progressively putting in motion, which means having the performance management team work on financial modelling through our CCH Tagetik solution.

The core value generated by the solution is that it's simple to implement,it works well, it's an effective solution and that's where we get our value.
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