Financesdécembre 05, 2018

Medline peut désormais s'appuyer sur l'intégrité de ses données pour trouver les métriques permettant de mesurer la santé de l'entreprise avec CCH Tagetik !

Découvrez comment Medline consacre désormais moins de temps aux activités routinières, manuelles et chronophages, et plus de temps à l'exécution de stratégies commerciales qui optimisent leurs résultats financiers, le tout sur CCH Tagetik Cloud.

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The healthcare industry is going through a immense change, consolidation in the entire industry, specifically in the USnow that we're a global company the bigger macro events are really impacting us a lot.

We just lived in Excel,everything was done in Excel, data integrity was big for us, we spent a lot of our time putting reports together instead of really analyzing them.Getting that data out in a fashion that is accurate, complete and timely, that's something that we're really trying to strive for and CCH Tagetik has anabled us to do that.The cloud's really enabling us to be faster and to share reports, amongst the greater financial analysis team, I think that's really important for us not only just to have the feedback and seeing what else other reports that the people are building, it just allows us to share ideas.

What's really impressed us in the implementation phaseis really getting into production mode, that was really seamless, our IT team was able to work with CCH Tagetik's IT folks and really flip the switch it seemed like in a matter of a couple of hours, we were up and running into production.

The biggest positive impact is taking us out of Excel really having a tool that we can all use and have that data integrity and feel really good about the data we're presenting, feel good about its accuracy and also compiling different data sources together into one tool,one place where you can find all of our metrics to measure the health of the business.

Really it's just spending the time outside of just compiling the data,now that we have it, how we present in a way that tells a story for us, that's really something we haven't been able to do before and that's something that's really enabling us right now.I think the level support that we have from our CCH Tagetik partners has been fantastic and also getting all of our the data sources in one place, so that's been a really essential for us, so I would absolutely recommend CCH Tagetik.
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