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The pandemic has upended care processes, making it essential for organizations to pivot faster than ever. That includes answering people’s questions with evidence-based information that's continually updated and broadcast on a frequent basis.

Emmi can help you meet these demands while ensuring your patients are brought along with you. When new needs arise, Emmi rises with you to configure a solution set that meets your unique challenges.

Supporting Covid-19 care teams: From treatment to vaccination

The pandemic clearly demonstrates the need for organizations to coach patients through new, unfamiliar journeys. As health systems move from a crisis response to more standardized care paths, they must also coach patients to participate differently in their care.

With a unique blend of tailored outreach campaigns and patient engagement, Emmi’s flexible solutions can help your team:

  • Efficiently schedule vaccinations for targeted populations at scale
  • Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders for multiple doses
  • Help your care team focus attention on patients who need it most
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing vaccine hesitancy, answering patients’ common questions, and combatting misinformation
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COVID-19 Vaccines: See how the latest EmmiEngage program helps answer important questions about the safety, efficacy, and availability of the Covid vaccines.
Learn more about EmmiEngage COVID-19 patient programs
The EmmiEngage COVID-19 patient programs provide a complete overview of the vaccines available and answer important questions about their safety and efficacy. For patients with vaccine hesitancy, these programs can play a key role in helping to motivate patients to get their vaccines.

Tailored patient engagement solutions that meet your unique needs

We partner with you to configure the Covid-19 programs you need from Emmi to address your unique patient population. Most clients opt for a two-pronged approach that includes:

Targeted patient outreach

  • Reach specific patient populations at scale with custom scripts to engage patients with their vaccine eligibility, scheduling, multiple doses, education that helps them reduce hesitancy, and more.
  • Choose your preferred modality with flexible options for digital care plans, IVR calls, chatbot scripts, scheduling apps, and more.

Engaging patient education

  • Access multimedia programs and over 20 patient leaflets in up to 19 languages, developed by the same team that brings you UpToDate.
  • Deliver these via the digital health tool of your choice with web services, APIs, or EMR integration.
“I like this informational video for COVID-19. It made me feel better and not as frightened. In the news all you hear is the amount of reported cases and the death COVID-19 has caused. But with the information given, it explains why the shelter in place. It also tells me about the virus and how it affects us. I just have to follow the guidelines given and shelter in place. Thank you.”

– Emmi Program Viewer

Free COVID-19 patient resources

Patient education video: Understanding COVID-19 and how to stay safe

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COVID-19 Chatbot

We develop both patient and clinician facing bots and services to answer specific questions. The bots use UpToDate, Lexicomp, Medi-Span, and Emmi web services to deliver information that can be queried in a chat-like experience. To request access to our Covid-19 chatbot, email [email protected].

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