Finance et gestion18 octobre, 2020

IFRS 9 - Making the Leap to New Heights

IFRS is driving changes that have significant implications for the way financial firms manage their businesses. The new accounting standard requires the consideration of past events and current conditions, along with reasonable and supportable forcasts, to calculate ECL over the remaining life of a financial instrument. The three key conponents of IFRS 9 are the classification and measurement of financial instruments, the impairment of financial assets, and hedge accounting.

This eBook was put together to help bankers effectively implement an IFRS 9 solution on time and on budget. It covers key implementation challenges that banks will face, key considerations to weigh when choosing a solution, a readiness checklist, and a case study of what a successful implementation looks like.

Download the eBook now to find out find out how you can achieve an enhanced system performance that leads to cost reduction and the capability to refocus in-house resources on business-critical activities.

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