Generating reports with Legisway
The big reporting challenge

Legal departments sit on a vast amount of data that could be potentially valuable to your business. The difficulty is consolidating and generating insights when legal intelligence is scattered across different hard drives and emails. This often becomes a time-consuming task of tracking down information and chasing stakeholders across the business.


When your reports are manually updated on spreadsheets, how do you know for sure that you can rely on the data?

Generating reports with Legisway
With Legisway, you can easily see the big picture. All your contracts, claims, litigation and company information are consistently captured in one place and cross-referenced, ready for you to generate reliable reports at the touch of a button.

Always-accurate legal data is accurate
By storing legal information in a consistent, structured way, you can confidently run reports using the most up-to-date data. 

Quick data visualisation
Communicate obligations, provisions, deadlines or risk, by activity,  at the touch of a button. Generate accurate charts and diagrams that are impactful and easy to understand.

Summarise activity for an entire entity
If you need to report on all the contracts, claims and company information for an entire entity, then Legisway gives you the overview you need.

Share your reports with your colleagues automatically
If you need your CFO or department heads to see the reports on a regular basis, you can give them access rights or simply have them emailed automatically.

Discover Legisway Essentials
Report on structured information with Legisway Essentials

- Summarize key details of your legal activities by entity, department, role and more.


- Includes essential reports to communicate obligations and risks across the business, as well as custom reports to filter data in the system.


- Export & share reports with management & stakeholders quickly

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