Designed to give patients more control over their health, Emmi personalized health journeys align with care plans through trusted, consistent, and compassionate content and communications.

For patients, these journeys provide personalized guidance, coaching, and support and foster new behaviors for self-care. For care teams, they provide a smarter, scalable way to stay connected and maximize their impact by monitoring patient progress.

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How UAB Medicine uses Emmi for more effective patient engagement

Hear how UAB Medicine uses Emmi to achieve their population health and efficiency objectives including saved staff time, prioritization of patients who need more services, and reductions in re-admission length of stay.

“Our goal, from a population health standpoint is to keep the patient well at home. And Emmi has become our partner in doing that.”

- Terri Poe, DNP, RN, NE-BC Chief Nursing Officer,
UAB Medicine

With Emmi, patients and providers stay connected throughout the care journey.

Patients are monitored using omnichannel outreach and receive coaching tailored to their needs in bite-size pieces with step-by-step guidance from pre-op to discharge and recovery.

Care management teams can build longitudinal relationships with patients thanks to personalized communications and empathetic content powered by AI and machine learning. They can better identify at-risk patients, conduct clinical and functional assessments, and complete care checklists.

Healthcare providers who have implemented the Emmi approach experience reduced rates of readmissions and a better use of acute care services and team resources.


Partnering with patients to optimize care

EmmiTransition is designed for multiple learning styles in plain, conversational language and is available on the devices people already own.

It educates and motivates patients to take positive action, helping them stay healthy at home and avoid readmission with a mix of calls and digital experiences, including Amazon Alexa.

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