Managing a population’s health means more than helping people when they are sick.

It also means engaging and motivating people outside of the clinical care setting to participate in necessary screenings and stay healthy. Healthcare organizations need to manage large volumes of people, meet quality goals, contain costs and maximize outcomes. To achieve these goals, you need ways to engage and empower people beyond the clinical care setting to take action.

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How University Hospitals engages patients through Emmi

University Hospitals discusses how Emmi technology, informed by behavioral science principles, personalizes patient outreach and fosters new patient behaviors in ways that are important to University Hospitals, including the increase in preventative screenings they are seeing as a result.

“We’re beginning to see changes in areas we care about like consistent screenings for health prevention and we’re getting an increased number of those screenings occurring.”

- Jeff Sunshine, MD, CMIO, UH Hospitals

Improve population health by motivating patients to take action

EmmiPrevent is highly customizable and can be designed to motivate people to take action for a number of important preventive and wellness measures (not an exhaustive list):

Mammogram Screening

Annual Wellness Visit

Choose a Primary Care Provider

ED Discharge


Medication Adherence

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Endoscopy Referral

Flu Vaccine

Diabetic Retinopathy

Spirometry Test

Fasting Labs Due

Childhood Immunizations

Bone Density Test

Pneumonia Vaccine

Chlamydia Screening

Voice Design (VUI): When a call is more than a call

What differentiates Emmi is the “quality of the conversation.” The results we drive are the result of unyielding belief that patient-centeredness, empathy and design creates a human, emotional connection with patients. Hear the difference:

The Voice

One key factor in EmmiPrevent’s success is our “voice” itself. This isn’t a robot or a voice-assistant. And with patients, that’s an important difference.

Emmi Voice Design

Non-Emmi Voice Design

Interactive outreach to drive action and enhance community health

  • Scaled, automated, interactive phone campaigns designed for various workflow needs
  • Connects patients to services to effectively drive preventative action
  • Enables targeting of key metrics by closing gaps in care, increasing appointments and/or collecting key information
  • Tracks and documents interactions
  • Collect information from patients and members

Expert Insights From Emmi

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