Complete Your Audit in the Cloud with CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach

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With the patented and award-winning Knowledge Coach solution, you can:

  • Tailor your audits based on the characteristics of your firm and the engagement
  • Directly link identified risks with each audit step
  • Flow information throughout your workpapers where needed
  • Monitor your engagement for completeness and compliance

Do all that and more while still allowing the auditor to exercise professional judgment. If you want high-quality audits that comply with AICPA Risk Assessment Standards, and address the AICPA's most common risk assessment violations, then it’s time to equip yourself with CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach and its Knowledge-Based Audit (KBA) titles.

As the accounting profession’s first modular, cloud-based tax preparation and compliance, workflow management and audit solution, CCH Axcess™ delivers a powerful set of innovative features designed to make the tax and accounting industry more efficient and profitable. 

Knowledge Coach — the Main Component of Your Digital Audit Workflow
See CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach for yourself to learn why it's won so many awards.
Customer Testimonials

  • Mona Dickerson CohnReznick Ax KC testimonial

auditor working at laptop
Overall, we’ve received positive feedback from our test group regarding working with CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach. Specifically, everyone really likes the increase in speed, the ability to work seamlessly as a team on the same documents, and also being able to open the same documents on multiple screens while being in different parts of a form.
Mona Dickerson

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