Decoding the elective procedure process

The costs of failing to meet patients’ perioperative questions and set appropriate expectations can run to $1 million per year from canceled surgeries.

Emmi's dedicated content team scrutinizes every detail so patients enjoy an intuitive, engaging experience that fits into their lives, speaks their language, and makes complex information easy to understand and act on.

Say goodbye to canceled surgeries and hello to healthier and happier patients.

Help patients understand what to expect

Patients and families who are properly informed are more likely to have realistic expectations of their procedure and a positive feeling about the hospital or surgery center. Emmi can play a key role with preparation, education, and expectation-setting by providing:

  • Interactive multimedia programs that explain the patient’s surgical journey
  • Printable patient education leaflets to support surgical preparation and discharge care instructions
  • Post-discharge calls to track patient recovery progress and report concerning symptoms to care team

Learn how Emmi can prepare patients for what's next.

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