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All Methodology and Industry Trends Sessions

Agile Auditing

General Audience
Agile Auditing is the new buzz word in internal audit. Imagine taking agile development principles and methodology and applying it to how you create your audit plan, execute your work, and plan the next audit. Learn how you can map Agile to your internal audit practice to create efficiencies characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans both within TeamMate+ and as a general practice.

Continuous Risk Assessment - the Future of Ongoing Risk Evaluation in Your Organization

General Audience
The pace of change in organizations has never been faster. Is your team's annual evaluation of risk enough? There is a move to a more continuous and adaptable evaluation of organization risk and potentially with a data driven approach. In this session, we will explore what continuous risk assessment could look like from early adoption to a more complete methodology by exploring methodology and potential future value in TeamMate+.

Integrated Assurance: Practical Application with TeamMate+

General Audience
Under the broad umbrella of corporate governance, we find overlapping responsibilities among groups within an organization. Internal Audit, ERM, EHS, InfoSec, SOX, and many other teams are working toward a common goal to provide advisory services to management to support the decision making and risk mitigation processes. Unfortunately, all of these groups tend to work in silos, which adds to management’s “audit fatigue”. Based on the most recent update to the IIA Standards, we should consider combining our efforts in audit planning and audit committee reporting in order “to ensure proper coverage and minimize duplication of effort” (IIA Standard 2050).

Advanced Technologies - How does it affect Internal Audit? Where do I start?

General Audience
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Natural Language Processing - Technology is evolving quickly and Internal Auditors will soon be tasked with using it or auditing it, or perhaps both. This session is intended to be an introduction to these terms, the basis of what the technology can do, separate fact from fiction, and help you start your journey to understanding the purpose and practical application of these technologies.

TeamMate Connect - Get in Touch with Your Community!

General Audience
TeamMate Connect, a resource available to all TeamMate licensees, is a site established to facilitate communication and knowledge-sharing among and with TeamMate users and TeamMate staff. Explore how to add your ideas for product improvement and vote for others. We will explore the Learning Centre too and the options available to users.

Touchstone Research for Internal Audit: Insights

As an experienced TeamMate+ client, a great way to gauge your progress in adopting features and planning your next steps is to benchmark yourself against your peers. In this session, learn how the Touchstone Research for Internal Audit has shed light on trends, gaps, and methodology maturity based on geographic territory, industry and team size and decide how your team compares.

For greater learning, be sure to bring your team's research results to this session!

Onboarding Users - Tips & Tricks

General Audience
Discover how your team can be more efficient and effective with onboarding new users from within TeamMate+. This session will walk you through the benefits of using TeamGuide Pro to train your new users.