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Assessing the Current State of IT Risk in Your Organization

Limited to Audit Executives
Based on the insights gained from the 2020 Touchstone Study, IT Risks remain on the fore-front of risks that require focus by CAEs yet are still under-serviced. We will discuss the impact of these risks and strategies for assessment. This is an interactive session.

Interconnected Ecosystems and 3rd Party Risk Challenges

Limited to Audit Executives
The 2020 Touchstone Study highlighted that organizations are adding more 3rd Party Partners every year, yet who monitors these relationships and their potential risks?  What Nth Party relationships are we truly unaware of and what is their potential impact?  We will discuss how your team's data literacy and a systems thinking approach to mapping ecosystem connections and 3rd Parties can be managed.  This is an interactive session.

Changing the Game for Your Team:  What's Trending in Methodology Change and How to Make New Rules

Limited to Audit Executives
46% of Touchstone Study respondents indicated that major methodology change was planned by 2021.  Four major areas of methodology change were identified and the Study details indicate where the best place to start actually is.  We will discuss how each of these four areas impacts your teams; network with your peers to identify best practices; and compare where your team is in the journey to the benchmarks.  This is an interactive session.

Staffing for the Future of Audit

Limited to Audit Executives
In a recent IIA Survey, 72% of CAEs believed they have talent gaps on their staff, more than 90% report difficulty in recruiting experienced personnel, and 60% express difficulty recruiting entry-level staff. It’s time for us to look for new resourcing methods to be able to address the emerging risks in our organizations. The concept of talent elasticity opens the doors to alternative hiring options. This is an interactive session.

Assessing Your Team's Digital Skills and Create a Plan for Upskilling or Hiring

Limited to Audit Executives
Digital skills and data literacy are key to staying abreast of the technology changes your organization is making and in using these technologies to your advantage.  This first step in this journey is to assess the digital skills of your team in a meaningful way that can lead to a plan for training and upskilling or to pinpoint the skills you need to search for in your next new hire.

TeamMate+ Roadmap Discussion

Limited to Audit Executives
Interactive discussion about the future of Internal Audit and how the TeamMate+ roadmap will support future change.