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    Portum Group International is dedicated to providing staffing, consulting, and training to help professionals address the issues created by our increasingly interconnected and networked world. Portum desires to prepare professionals to address any legal, privacy, or compliance risk they face now or in the future. Finally, Portum Group also hopes to become a hub for all those who manage risk, to help them learn about, and from, each other.

    Portum Group International is pleased to be affiliated with Washington International Business Counsel. Together, Portum and WIBC now offer legal and consulting services, ranging from a single training session, audit or consulting engagement—or some combination of the three—to a long-term engagement in which our professionals become your organization’s compliance function.

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    Portum Group International
    115 Riverwoods Drive
    New Hope, PA 18938
    T: 202-905-0158


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